Understanding $SPLASH

The main purpose of the SPLASH DAO token is to attract liquidity providers and govern the protocol. Also, the SPLASH token is a core part of the Splash DAO distributed business model.

Here are the utilities:

  • Earning DAO Fees

  • Controlling SPLASH Distribution

  • Voting

Getting utility

To get the utilities above, users must lock ADA/SPLASH 20/80 liquidity tokens for up to 1 year in the Voting Escrow smart contract. The minimal locking time is 1 week. The longer the lock the more voting power a user gets.


Earning DAO Fees

50% of all DAO Fees can be claimed by veSPLASH holders every week.

DAO Fees

Controlling SPLASH Distribution

SPLASH inflation takes place via Smart Farms and the newly issued tokens can be claimed by liquidity providers on a weekly basis.

Understanding Smart Farms


The voting utility is a subject of the V2 protocol release. More information about Voting will be released in Q2 2024.

There are 2 types of governance proposals:

  • Proposals for changing protocol parameters

  • Proposals to manage DAO Treasury

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