What is the purpose of $SPLASH?

The main purpose of the SPLASH DAO token is to attract liquidity providers and govern the protocol. SPLASH itself has only one use - locking in the voting escrow smart contract. By locking users get DAO weight which grants them governance rights, participation in the Splash business model, and SPLASH inflation control.

How to get $SPLASH?

Liquidity providers on the Splash protocol receive SPLASH rewards for liquidity provision. This ensures the protocol continues offering the best possible prices and the lowest slippage for exchanging Cardano Native Assets.

What is the utility of $SPLASH?

$SPLASH functions as a governance token that incorporates a vote-locking mechanism. By locking ADA/SPLASH 20/80 LP tokens, users symbolize their ownership of the protocol. This ownership grants them the right to participate in vital decision-making processes, such as voting on changes to the protocol, determining the inflation rate of $SPLASH, managing the protocol's treasury, and obtaining privileges to earn DAO Fees.

How to obtain ownership rights?

To obtain ownership rights you must vote-lock your ADA/SPLASH 20/80 Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. It means that you must become an LP to receive weight in the protocol ownership.

The longer the lock the more DAO weight you get.

What is the total supply?

The total supply is 100,000,000 SPLASH tokens

Where can I find the release schedule?

You can find it here.

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