🐳What is Splash?

Splash has two definitions.

1. Splash is a decentralized open-source protocol for efficient market-making and trading on Cardano.

2. Splash is a DAO with governance and a distributed business model.

Grasping all Splash concepts may not be trivial. However, after understanding them all you will obtain a superpower. Refer to the FAQ if you have a specific question.

The easiest way to understand Splash is to think of it as a decentralized exchange for Cardano Native Assets. Unlike centralized exchanges that match buy and sell orders (aka CLOB exchanges), or constant product Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchanges, Splash uses different types of AMM liquidity pools, the Temporal Liquidity Book (TLB), and combines them all. This allows different types of market makers to earn interest by providing liquidity as efficiently as they want, and traders to benefit from the best prices by tapping all liquidity in a single order. This approach opens up limitless opportunities for both sides of the market.

Who is this protocol for?

Passive liquidity providers have the flexibility to explore a wide variety of pool types tailored to their specific requirements.

Active liquidity providers (aka OB Market Makers) can seamlessly put bids and asks to the Temporal Liquidity Book using advanced orders or automate the process using custom or predefined strategies.

Traders can capitalize on an extensive array of order types and trading automation tools to efficiently achieve their objectives.

How is Splash different from other Cardano DEXes?

Splash is a revolutionary fully decentralized tool for both traders and market makers that offers:

  • Fast, transparent, and decentralized off-chain order execution

  • Composability: Ability to combine order book and AMM liquidity sources in a single order

  • Various types of configurable AMM pools for different asset types and purposes

  • Wide range of order types for advanced trading

  • Various automation tools

  • Secure non-custodial incentive tools for projects

More about features


Splash Protocol belongs to its users.

DAO decisions are made by passing an appropriate voting process.

DAO controls protocol parameters, DAO treasury, and token inflation.

DAO members benefit from DAO Fees.

Understanding $SPLASH

Understanding Splash DAO

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