🧿Know Your Assumptions

Clearly understand what to expect from using Splash Protocol

In this document, we outline a list of assumptions that are required to know and understand before using the Splash Protocol.

  1. Splash is a fully decentralized, permissionless, and open system. It means that everyone can use and access it through multiple methods and no one can prevent a party from executing abusive market strategies.

  2. Splash is a non-custodial system. It means that neither the development team nor anyone else can ever access your crypto funds both directly or indirectly until you provide access to your private keys.

  3. All the on-chain entities such as placed orders or liquidity pools are NOT under the control of the development team. It means that the team won't be able to restore, reverse, or somehow cover your losses if you conduct rash actions. Remember that all on-chain actions are irreversible.

  4. All on-chain actions require the transaction to be signed by a user. Always check what you are signing.

  5. Splash Protocol has multiple interfaces to access it such as:

    a. A web user interface is accessible through a web browser and a wallet extension.

    b. Programmable access through our SDK or any other Cardano transaction-building library.

    c. Direct on-chain access to liquidity pools.

    d. Other user interfaces that read on-chain data and build transactions.

  6. Splash Execution Engine Operators (EEO) can behave differently over time and no one can guarantee that this or that EEO will behave the same way under different market conditions. The rating system only assesses the past performance of an EEO.

  7. Splash Smart Contracts and the core underlying logic were carefully audited by third-party narrowly specialized firms. However, it does NOT guarantee the 100% security of the system. There is always a risk of permanently losing crypto assets due to a security issue by using any DeFi product/app/service.

  8. Becoming a liquidity provider in a Splash pool comes with multiple risks such as impermanent loss due to market fluctuations or permanent loss of all your funds due to a security issue.

  9. Data provided by the user interface is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation that a particular token or asset is a safe or sound investment. You should not take, or refrain from taking, any action based on any information contained in the Interface.

With that being said, always do your research and grasp as much information as possible about this or that DeFi or crypto product/service/app before interacting with them.

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