What is Execution Engine?

Execution Engine is the real-world implementation of the Temporal Liquidity Book concept. It serves as a distributed off-chain system to handle the composable orders queue. Anyone can become an Execution Engine Operator (EEO).

The code of the Execution Engine is 100% open source and accessible for contributions. The GitHub repository will be opened once the Splash protocol is launched in the Cardano mainnet.

EEO Market

EEOs are incentivized to participate in the system by earning an execution fee. EEOs can define how much they want for their job. This framework fosters a competitive secondary market for EEOs, forcing them to constantly speed up order fulfillment while ensuring fairness in the order queue.

Decentralized Execution Assessment



The Execution Engine code base is built in a way to be integrated or onboarded with other Cardano dApps that are designed in a permissionless way. Integration with permitted systems is also possible but requires additional work from you.

If you want to boost your dApp with composability, please connect with us via Discord.

Become an EEO

The full guidelines on how to become an EEO will be available after the Splash launch in mainnet.

If you would like to participate in the test of the Execution Engine, please contact us on Discord. We will assign you the 'EEO Tester' role, which will grant you access to a private chat.

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