What is Splash?

Splash is a decentralized trading protocol for efficient market making (and liquidity provision) and fast trading.

Splash is a DAO with a governance and a distributed business model.

What is Splash DAO

Splash DAO refers to a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. veSPLASH holders form a DAO. DAO governs protocol by making collective decisions that are recorded on-chain and executed automatically. DAO benefits from collecting protocol fees via the DAO business model.

What is SPLASH token?

SPLASH is a governance token of the Splash DAO that works with a locking system called voting-escrow. To obtain voting power and ownership rights users are required to vote-lock ADA/SPLASH 20/80 liquidity tokens and receive veSPLASH. veSPLASH is a vote-escrowed version of SPLASH that grants users all the benefits.

Understanding $SPLASH



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