Understanding Splash DAO

DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, embodies a unified community sharing a common vision, making collective decisions, and reaping the benefits of a decentralized protocol.

Splash DAO is composed of users who have vote-locked their ADA/SPLASH 20/80 LP tokens and received veSPLASH.

Through veSPLASH, DAO participants get the ability to vote on protocol parameter adjustments, oversee SPLASH inflation, receive DAO Rewards, and engage in various other privileges.

Understanding $SPLASH

DAO Evolution

Initially, the DAO lacks all the planned features due to the extensive research, development work, and time required to bring them to fruition. Consequently, the Splash development team will progressively introduce DAO functionalities. The following section outlines a roadmap to provide insight into what to anticipate.

Available at the launch date:

  • SPLASH locking and the DAO Rewards distribution mechanism

  • Inflation Management Mechanism (Smart Farms)

To be released:

  • On-chain voting and the automated execution of proposals

  • Capability for changes to protocol parameters

  • The transition of control over the DAO Treasury to the community

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