In the V1 on the Splash protocol release the DAO supports only "Polling For Inflation" proposals. The rest proposal types are a subject for V2. Follow our Twitter to be updated.

The Splash governance framework consists of 4 high-level types of proposals:

  1. Changing Protocol Parameters

DAO participants can create proposals to change such protocol paraments as liquidity providers or DAO fees. Know that not all pools are subject to governance. This setting is optional for pool creators.

  1. Polling For Inflation

The inflation of the SPLASH governance token occurs through a mechanism called Smart Farms. Participants in the DAO can vote on the amount of weight to allocate to a specific Smart Farm to receive a portion of the weekly SPLASH inflation.

More about Smart Farms

  1. DAO Treasury management

The DAO Treasury holds protocol-owned liquidity and 50% of the fees earned by the DAO. Participants in the DAO can manage these funds by approving this DAO proposal. Transactions are automatically executed at the end of the voting period and do not require involvement from the Splash development team.

  1. Catalyst Voting

Currently, Cardano does not offer a method for managing staking credentials in a decentralized manner. As a result, the staking power of the protocol will remain under the control of the Splash team until a decentralized solution is developed.

The CIP-36 aims to solve this problem in the near future.

The Catalyst Project is a grant distribution system in Cardano. At the beginning of each fund, the community is given three weeks to submit proposals that address the objectives of the previous round of funding. Proposals are selected by community vote and funds are allocated to implement the projects.

ADA holders register to vote using supported Cardano wallets and then vote on proposals using the Project Catalyst voting app. Votes are anonymous and weighted depending on the amount of ada each voter has. Voters base their decisions on the quality of the submitted proposal and the community's feedback during the community review stage.

Participants in the Splash DAO can create a multi-poll to vote on a wide range of Catalyst proposals. The Splash team will then proportionally allocate this voting power among all the selected Catalyst proposals.

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